The great beta debate…

How soon is too soon for your first beta? For this gal it’s never too soon. After getting my faint positive on my HPT I convinced my OB/GYN to order my first beta as I knew it would be a long wait until my “official one”. And here were the results:

5dp5dt – 34

7dp5dt – 114

13dp5dt- 1034

15dp5dt- 2634!!!!!

And now the wait begins again for my sono 2/29!


And then there were two…

Little pink lines that is!! At 5dp5dt I rolled out of bed at 4am to pee. I had decided to start testing on day 5 so I did the deed watched it for a minute and saw nothing but the control line. Depressed I went back to bed and cried a bit before going back to sleep. At 8 am I got up again to pee and decided to pull the stick from the trash. I know…who does that?!? And I almost feel off the toilet when I realized it had two very faint lines!!!! 

PIO can kiss my ASS

I had my lining check on Friday. It was beautiful according to my RE. Triple lines and already 11 mm. A call from my nurse confirmed my numbers were good and I was cleared to start my PIO shots in preparation for our FET 2/4. Last night was a double whammy both the delestrogen and PIO. Today my hip is not happy. I feel like I have been kicked in the rear. If this is after one what the heck am I going to be like 2 weeks from now? 

3 months

Its been 3 months since we lost Annie. 3 months ago today I had an ultrasound that showed no heartbeat and while we had been told to prepare for it we weren’t. How can you.

And today I was back at the RE’s office. Having another ultrasound. My lining was thin and my numbers were good so tonight we start the delestrogen shots. Just three weeks now until our transfer!