The great beta debate…

How soon is too soon for your first beta? For this gal it’s never too soon. After getting my faint positive on my HPT I convinced my OB/GYN to order my first beta as I knew it would be a long wait until my “official one”. And here were the results:

5dp5dt – 34

7dp5dt – 114

13dp5dt- 1034

15dp5dt- 2634!!!!!

And now the wait begins again for my sono 2/29!


And then there were two…

Little pink lines that is!! At 5dp5dt I rolled out of bed at 4am to pee. I had decided to start testing on day 5 so I did the deed watched it for a minute and saw nothing but the control line. Depressed I went back to bed and cried a bit before going back to sleep. At 8 am I got up again to pee and decided to pull the stick from the trash. I know…who does that?!? And I almost feel off the toilet when I realized it had two very faint lines!!!!