Final Count

We have 5!! The clinic called today to say 3 more were able to be biopsied so we have a total of 5 that are now frozen.  Here comes another two week wait…for results that is. Fingers crossed that we have at least one that we can transfer in February!


Day 5 update

We still have 8 in the game!!! 

2 were biopsied today and frozen 

5 are close to being able to be biopsied – hopefully tomorrow!

1 is a little behind but still growing 

Our RE said the 2 are perfect and beautiful and she is thrilled with how things are going.

We will get another update with the final count.

After how things went last cycle I know we are so far from being out of the woods but I am feeling hopeful – at least for today! 

Day 2 update 

We still have 8!!! 7 are 4 cell and 1 is a 5 cell and our RE said they are beautiful! 

Our clinic doesn’t check them on day 3 or 4 so our next update will be on day 5 which is Sunday. At that point it will be decided if we can biopsy them or if we will need to opt for a fresh transfer.

 Our last fresh cycle I was hospitalized for OHSS so we had to freeze our one blast which did turn out to be a BFP when we did our first FET but we miscarried at 8 weeks and pathology showed our little girl had two trisomys. It has been such a heartbreaking experience that the thought of transferring again without PGS testing scares me to death – hopefully Sunday will not present us with that very difficult decision.

Fertilization report

14 eggs retrieved 

12 eggs mature

8 fertilized normally

Last cycle we had the same number of mature eggs but only 4 fertilized normally – perhaps using fresh sperm this time (last time we used frozen from my husbands previous PESA) did the trick! 

Fingers crossed that the update tomorrow will be a good one! 

Starting stims tonight

So last Friday I had another appointment. Bloodwork and sono looked good so we were given the green light to begin microdose Lupron. Last cycle I did regular Lupron and the shots were a breeze. This time not so much. I have no idea what they use to dilute the Lupron but it’s terrible. The pain is delayed but then feels like a razor blade cutting over and over. Each time hubby gives me the shot it brings me to tears. Tonight we add in the Gonal F and Menopur which I remember for last cycle wasn’t fun either. My next monitoring appointment is Friday – hopefully things will start off strong!